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Nicholas is our male Solomon Island Eclectus. He will be 5 on Christmas day (that's how he got his name). He was hand-fed by a breeder, and loves people. We love him, but our family situation has changed, and he doesn't get the time and attention that he needs, and as a result he has started some feather plucking. Although diagnosing the cause of feather plucking can be hard, we spent almost $300 at the vet, and didn't find anything physical causing it. Most likely it's behavioral, in that he needs more attention. He is an excellent bird for someone who is home a lot, and wants companionship. Kids and adults alike can handle him without any difficulty or fear. If you've never had a pet bird, I recommend you read a little about the Solomon Island Eclectus. Not only are they very beautiful, but they are intelligent, and have one of the most mild temperaments for bird pets. With Nicholas will come two nice cages. We keep one indoors, and the other on our covered patio. Also miscellaneous toys and some quality bird food. I'd also be glad to copy to a flash drive various documents about care and feeding, that can be helpful to a new owner. If you have more questions or want to schedule to come visit Nicholas, please call us. Thanks for taking a look!